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About Chiawana High School

Welcome to Chiawana High School, a thriving educational institution nestled in the heart of Pasco School District's educational landscape. Since its inauguration in 2009, Chiawana High School has been a beacon of academic excellence and community spirit, proudly serving the Tri-Cities area.


We Are Chiawana - Our Guiding Principle

We Are Willing

  • Participate and engage in learning and activities
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Take positive risks

We Are Accountable

  • Be on time and in correct place
  • Own your actions and choices
  • Be prepared with materials

We Are Resilient

  • Embrace challenges
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Be a problem solver

We Are United

  • Seek positive connections with students and staff
  • Be helpful and kind
  • Demonstrate school spirit and pride

A Name Rooted in Heritage

The name "Chiawana" is steeped in history, derived from the Native American word for "big river" or "father of water." It pays tribute to the mighty Columbia River, which gracefully winds its way past our doorstep, reflecting the serene silver fish within it and mirroring the deep blue hues of our Tri-Cities skies.

The Riverhawk Spirit

At Chiawana, our identity is embodied by the Riverhawk, also known as the osprey. This symbol represents strength and fortitude, qualities we instill in our students as they embark on their educational journeys.

Innovative Education with Hawk Time

Chiawana High School prides itself on offering a unique and effective program called "Hawk Time." Integrated seamlessly into our daily schedule, Hawk Time dedicates 30 minutes to academic enrichment every day except Thursdays. Our dedicated teachers use this time to provide tutoring and assess students' homework completion and grades.

What sets Hawk Time apart is its focus on individual progress. If a student needs additional support to excel academically, they are directed to attend a specific teacher's class during Hawk Time. On the other hand, if a student is performing well, they are free to enjoy those 30 minutes in the student mall with their peers.

This innovative program not only incentivizes students to excel but also ensures that academic help is readily available within the school day. It's no wonder that students attest to the positive impact of Hawk Time on their academic journey, and several school districts have come to Chiawana to observe this exceptional program in action.