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Speech & Debate Team

Welcome to the Chiawana Speech & Debate Team

We extend a warm welcome to all who are interested in joining the Chiawana Speech & Debate Team! We are excited that you've taken an interest in our program, which not only promises success but also offers a truly rewarding experience.

Our Mission: Encouraging Critical Thinking and Articulation

At Chiawana Speech & Debate, our mission is clear and inspiring: we aim to nurture critical thinking skills and empower our members to eloquently express their thoughts. We provide a platform for individuals to voice their ideas effectively, honing their communication skills in the process.

Guiding Principles:

As we embark on this journey together, we hold the following principles close to our hearts:

  1. Be Critical of Information: We encourage a discerning approach to information, fostering the ability to evaluate and analyze data critically.

  2. Let Your Opinion Be Known: We believe in the power of individual perspectives. Don't hesitate to express your unique point of view.

  3. Respect and Safe Expression: We respect and value diverse viewpoints. Our team provides a safe and inclusive environment for all to express themselves freely.

  4. Support and Growth: We are a team, and we are committed to helping each other reach our full potential. We push one another to be the best we can be.

  5. Enjoy the Journey: While we take our mission seriously, we also know the importance of enjoying the process. Learning and growing can be fun and fulfilling!

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Vicky Hyde, M.Ed.  
Head Speech and Debate Coach, National Forensics League Diamond Coach, NSDA Inland Empire District Chair, Assessment Team Lead

Room F1220
5059-543-6786 x5610