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Dress Code

At Chiawana High School, we are committed to creating a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. To achieve this, we have established minimum standards for student dress, grooming, and appearance that apply both during school hours and at any school-based or school-sponsored activity, including classes, ASB events, dances, and sporting events.

Student Responsibility: Students are encouraged to collaborate with their parent(s)/guardian(s) when making decisions about their personal appearance. While we believe in allowing for personal expression, it is important that all students adhere to the minimum dress code standards outlined below. Failure to do so may result in corrective actions.

Minimum Dress Code Standards:

A student's dress and grooming should:

  1. Support the educational mission of the school district and contribute to the student's success in school activities.

  2. Allow for personal expression within the boundaries of these guidelines.

Dress and Grooming Restrictions:

A student's dress and grooming should not:

  1. Cause a material and substantial disruption to the educational process or school activities.

  2. Create a health or safety hazard for the student or others.

  3. Damage school property.

  4. Create an atmosphere that hinders the well-being of any student, staff member, or any other individual through undue pressure, intimidation, overt gestures, or threats of violence.

  5. Imply gang membership or affiliation through any written communication, marks, drawings, paintings, designs, or emblems on school or personal property or on the student's person.

Prohibited Items Include:

  1. Clothing that promotes violence, contains obscene, sexual, drug, or alcohol-related messages, double entendres, logos, graphics, etc., or offenses against creed or gender.

  2. Jewelry that can pose safety hazards or could cause damage to school property.

  3. Gang-related apparel or paraphernalia, including but not limited to items with specific logos, lettering, numbers, or colors associated with gangs.

  4. Sagging pants, extremely oversized clothing, or clothing worn below the waistline.

  5. Belts that are four or more inches longer than the waist of the wearer.

  6. Bandanas of any kind or color, hairnets, colored laces, hanging belts, permanent pens, Rosary beads.

  7. Dangling chains, wallet chains, spiked jewelry.

  8. Specific sneaker colors (red, navy blue, or purple), ICP clothing or insignias, Juggallo, Hatchet gear, or Hatchet Man logo clothing, stickers, drawings, or insignias.

  9. Gang-affiliated tattoos, permanent or temporary, and other items as identified by local law enforcement.

Support and Intervention:

Students identified as being involved, influenced, or affiliated with gangs will be provided assistance and intervention to promote positive activities and involvement in the school community.

Our dress code is designed to maintain a safe, respectful, and focused learning environment. By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that every student's educational experience at Chiawana is productive and enjoyable. If you have any questions or require clarification regarding our dress code, please feel free to contact the school administration.